What is a Genuine Detail?
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The term "Automotive Detail", is widely used, misused and misunderstood. Unlike (for instance) the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification for Auto Technicians (mechanics), there is no official certification or training requirements for Auto Detailers, nor is there any sort of licensing required. Quite literally, anyone with a buffer and a vacuum cleaner can call him or herself an Automotive Detailer!

So, just what is a genuine Detail?

In short, "Detailing" is a particular way to protect and rejuvenate the various surfaces of a vehicle, to return them to factory condition (or as nearly so as possible). In some cases, (e.g. color sanding), even better than original.

Naturally, as with most things, this is much easier said than done. That is, just having the tools of the trade doesn't mean you know how to use them to achieve the desired results.

Consider a basic detailing tool you're probably familiar with (or have at least heard of): the buffer. In any given situation, which type pad/bonnet do you use on the buffer? Which chemical/product do you use with it? How much of that chemical or product do you apply? In operating the buffer: which motion you use? How quickly do you move it? How much pressure do you use?

All of these factors are potentially critical, and there's a very real danger of doing something wrong, or in the wrong way, which could result in permanent damage to the finish of your vehicle.

So the question becomes: do you really want to trust your vehicle to someone that may or may not know what he or she is doing? In many businesses (e.g. car dealers and car washes), it is not at all uncommon for someone with little or no actual experience or training to be handed a buffer and to be told to attempt to "detail" a car. Do you really want to risk letting such a person learn by making mistakes on your vehicle?

And, even if you are fortunate enough to have an experienced person work on your car, it is nearly certain that their employer will not allow them enough time to do a proper job on your car. For that matter, at many places that claim to do detailing, you can't be certain of the kind of results you will get, because there is no consistency in who works on your car.

The real difference is results: Our three decades of experience, combined with superior products and processes, extreme attention to detail, and the willingness to spend all the time necessary to create excellent results. See some examples on this site, read about other people's experiences on our testimonials page, or arrange to stop by the shop to see our latest project "in person".

See our Basic Services and Special Services pages for more information on the services we offer. See our testimonials page for examples of how taking proper care of your vehicle (using our services) can potentially save you thousands of dollars when you sell, trade, or return your car off lease. And see our Photo Gallery for examples of our work (new photo gallery coming soon).